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Therapy With Me

I take a person-centered approach to understanding each person I work with and their view of the issues at hand in order to help them identify specific clinical goals to focus on during therapy. My goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where you can feel empowered to explore and process difficult emotions, thoughts, behaviors or life events. Typical sessions may include: 

  • Initial Assessment: I may ask questions in order to gain an deeper understanding of you. 

  • Psychoeducation: I'll provide you with information to improve your understanding of your mental health 

  • Collaborative problem solving: I'll elicit your participation throughout session

  • Evidence based interventions: I may use evidenced based practices during session. 

  • Skill building: I'll demonstrate and introduce you to tools to help manage symptoms 


Below you will find areas of expertise with which I specialize: 


Depressed feelings happen to everyone at times, especially when facing  a loss or a disappointment. At times, we need to seek collaborative relationships to address depression, especially when it keeps us from doing the things we need to do and want to do. 


Anxiety may be a challenging emotion that can be felt or sensed within the body. This feeling may range in intensity, but if your anxiety feels too difficult to manage on your own, together we can problem solve and develop coping strategies to assist in managing the anxiety. 


Traumatic and stressful experiences happen to many people. Situations that cause a trauma reaction can be very difficult to process and manage alone. I use a cognitive and focused-mindfulness approach to help individuals process difficult memories. 


If you're needing support around vocational stress such as pre-employment stress, work conflict, and/or contemplating changing careers, together we can process various thoughts and emotions you may experience as you consider your options.


My goal is to offer a safe and affirming space for all who may have experienced adversity. With a validating environment, I hope to help others feel confident to show up more authentically themselves in their environments. 


Therapy offers a collaborative relationship to help navigate and process life changing events. Planned or unplanned, life transitions can affect our mental health.  


Due to limited office hours, if you have been hospitalized within the last 90 days or if you think you might require intensive care, I won't be able to serve you. 


If you are in a crisis or emergency you can contact:  

  • 911

  • WA State crisis line at 866-427-4747

  • Go to the nearest Emergency Department 

  • Crisis Text line by texting CONNECT to 741741

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